Founded in 1977 and a pioneer in the knitting industry

We guarantee the quality of our products and services, seeking the full satisfaction of our customers.

Our mission is to guarantee excellence in the service provided, seeking for the best quality and the diversification of our product.

About us

High-tech Machinery

Textile know-how

Quality padrons

Ever since its beginning, our company has prioritized a commercial area that is always attentive to the evolution of the market and customers’ needs

The composition of our high-technology machinery park (both open and tubular machines) ensures us a place in the vanguard in this domain.

Importance of having a Quality Control System

We are pioneers in the investigation of fabrics that best serve the market.

In association with our partner ATB, we are able to respond to the most demanding requirements in this segment of the fashion rank.

ATB was founded in 1985 and supplied a high-quality service in the areas of dyeing and finishing knit fabric.

Our production process goes through essential aspects for better quality

These aspects are meticulously worked on, from the yarn’s arrival to the mesh’s exit.

Yarn inspection

We analyze a custom knit fabric to check what threads are in the mesh.


When yarns enter our warehouses, their characteristics are meticulously analyzed.


Throughout the production process, all woven fabric sets, both open and tubular, are subject to thorough inspection.

Certifications for best practices

We proudly have several certifications in the continuous search to offer the best practices regarding processes and materials.

If you need any further information about our certifications, please get in touch with us.